How At Risk Students Make It For College

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In the June 8th, 2011 article How At-Risk Students Make It to College, published in the Hispanic Times Magazine, the un-named author is explaining how there are several factors that can have a positive influence on any student, and most importantly, on an at risk students, to make the decision about going to a four-year college. The author is showing us the most important influencing factors such as family and peers. The author also tells us what an at risk-student is. The author is also telling us that within the key factors, there are some underlining factors that can influence us in ways we don’t think about. For example, the one step that we don’t really think about is the college application process, which is one of the factors we don’t think about until we have to go through the process ourself, when we decide to go to a four-year college. The thought of college can be very intimidating, especially to an at-risk students. At-risk students are the ones who are most likely to be loners, and ones that don’t care for school, because they lack the motivation and support they need. The author refers to the at-risk students as “latch-key”, which implies that they don’t have the needed parental guidance or companionship at home. These at-risk students are most likely to be between the ages of 16-18 yeas of age. I also believe along with the author that the reason why they are at risk students are, their family situation, their peers and the lack of interest they have in
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