How Attitudes Towards Music Changed Between The Baroque And Romantic Eras

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Discuss how people’s attitudes towards music changed between the Baroque and romantic eras. Refer to examples from aesthetics, literature and music to support your argument. Since music first started being recorded in neumes long before the start of the Baroque period, it has been evolving with the social and economic developments of the human race. The aesthetics (the principles and the way people approach and appreciate the music) have changed dramatically. This is partly due to the changing world- the way society’s opinions and views on composers have morphed to fit, but also due to the expansion of music as a pastime and activity across the globe. Attitudes towards music have also been shaped by the increasing and diminishing role of the church and religion in its creation, and how music has moved away from only being a religious enhancement to becoming a standalone form of creativity. As music moves from Baroque extravagance through to the stripped and simple classical period, and finally on to the transcendence of the Romantic period, it undergoes a huge transformation, which naturally affects the way people look on it, as it changes from being a mere function into a rich, diverse and colorful art form. Throughout music history, there has often been two main groups of aesthetic ideas- between the upper and lower classes. In the Baroque period, there was all the ‘proper’ music that was meant for dancing, that was commissioned by the upper classes such as the sarabands

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