How Aurora Borealis Works : Statement Of The Problem

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Adeline Soekawan SID: 913210615 ENG 10 December 10, 2015 How Aurora Borealis Works Statement of the problem Harmful particles and rays, such as detritus, radiation, and magnetic waves from outer space are constantly bombarding Earth. Solar wind, a rapidly moving stream of electrons and protons from the Sun, is accountable for stripping away ions such as hydrogen and oxygen from a planet’s atmosphere, releasing them into space. The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen being removed from a planet’s surface, due to this phenomenon, is two to one respectively. Hydrogen and oxygen are the two elements that make up water – with the same observed ratio of two to one. Therefore, it has been concluded that water is taken off a planet’s atmosphere when solar winds approach it. Planets such as Venus and Mars are swept dry (hence their lack of water in their atmospheres) by the solar winds, due to the planets’ absence of magnetic shields powerful enough to “protect” them. The Aurora Borealis is a byproduct of Earth’s defense mechanism against the solar winds – the reason why Earth is not as dehydrated as its sister planets. This research paper will concentrate on the explanation as to why Aurora Borealis is formed. Motivation The harsh and devastating effects of solar winds on celestial bodies could eliminate any form of life occupying it. The Earth’s magnetosphere, an area governed by the Earth’s magnetic field, is the reason why organic life is existential on the planet. In order to

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