How Babies Affect My Life

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At the age of eight, it was my first time taking care of a newborn baby. I still take care of that “baby” up to this day. From there, my interest in caring for babies began. Why exactly do I love babies? Babies affect me the way toddlers and kids can’t. They manage to melt my heart every single time. I adore how small they are during this time of their life--the cute clothes and the shoes they wear top it off.
Babies have little precious moments that are emotionally touching to me compared to toddlers or kids, like being able to grab just one of my fingers with their whole hand, giggling, laughing, and talking back to me.Witnessing a baby’s first everything--solid food, words, steps; it’s amazing to see their growth into their start of childhood.
Babies differ from the other age groups. They need to be nurtured the most compared to the rest of the youth. They can’t walk,
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They simply cannot do anything on their own because if that was the case, my future major wouldn’t be needed.
The importance of being there for babies affect them later on in their lives is the fact that they can make it past their “fragile” stage in life they had no control over. There’s no possibility reaching childhood and adulthood if they aren’t taken care of that duration of their life, and it’s important for babies to even reach that part in their life for them to make a difference in the world.
Humans should reach adulthood because they can make a difference in the world--whether it may be the cure to cancer, diabetes, HIV/STDs, blindness, or create a new system of technology.
I’ve also learned a value from this: nurturing. Not everyone shares this value because it’s not for everyone. There can be a love for babies, but not extending it to something more. You can be content with the company of a happy, laughing baby until the crying begins and returning the baby is your
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