How Bahrain Is A True Testament

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Two Seas: Bahrain Originating from the Arabic word meaning two seas Bahrain is paper will discuss how Bahrain is a true testament to how the ability to adapt economically, take control in government, develop an effective defense in both land and air to deter possible threats, and have and widely acceptable social life style can overcome hardship and thrive amongst neighboring countries. Our partners to the east, Bahrain serves as a great asset to United States and Coalition forces. Allowing the United States to maintain a certain military and political presence in the Middle East. However this is not a one way alliance, Bahrain in return receives protection from tactical ballistic missiles, air breathing threats as well as sea coverage from our presence in this Middle East region. Bahrain is ranked 18th in the world economically, number 1 in the region. With a population of 1.2 billion and an unemployment rate of 4.1%. There is no tax on the working class citizens and most corporations. However Bahrain imposes a 43% tax on oil ( After the collapse of the pearl market, Bahrain was in desperate need of a means of creating a new avenue to create revenue. Since the discovery profits made from this industry are used to improve the quality of life for its citizens. The Bahrain government did this by improving their education system and health care system. Their reserves are rather small in nature when compared to the rest of the oil

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