How Balancing Two Different Cultures

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Balancing two different cultures is a thing that most people from immigrant and/or strong culturally, traditionally rooted families have come accustom to. Over the years they have learned about things that they should or should not do when dealing with a certain culture. For instance, someone who comes from a very conservative family doesn’t wear revealing clothes, unless they are out with their friends and know that their family won’t see them. On contrast people, who don’t have more than one culture might not understand why you cover up so much in front of your parents. There’s a thing that most people don’t understand about people who deal with two different cultures. People with a split culture have to make their own mold, so to say; they have to learn from their own and others experiences to conform to a certain norm. Since different cultures have different social norms, you can’t behave unacceptably without being judged. People, who have never dealt with diverse communities, especially don’t understand why people act differently when they’re around unalike people. For example, my friends never understood why my parent didn’t allow me to go to places in high school such as football games, dances or even to my friends’ houses. They didn’t understand that my family was very conservative; however I don’t blame them for not knowing, since they haven’t experienced any diversity by living in a predominantly white area. The issue of balancing between cultures is actually
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