How Ballet Has Changed Over Time

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Today’s ballets are nothing like what they were at first. Ballet has changed over time. A great deal of Ballet dances, at Ballet’s beginning were based off of court dances. Court dances were social dances performed in court, usually between a man and woman. They are also known as ballroom dances. Ballet has grown from being a court dance for the nobles to a sophisticated complex art many can enjoy watching or dancing it. It is often believed that the beginnings of ballet started with Queen Catherine during the mid-15th century. Queen Catherine brought her love for the arts to France from Italy, when she married King Henry II, the heir to the French throne 1547-1559. She was a big financial supporter of the arts, particularly in Ballet. Many of Queen Catherine’s entertainments were based around mythology. Whenever the Queen hosted an important guest, she would have grand dance performances. These dance performances soon became a trend across Europe. Ballet was further shaped by Ballet de Cour. Ballet de Cour was a type of ballet performed as a celebration for the French court between the 16th and 17th century. This style of ballet consisted of nobles performing social dances, music, speech, verse, song, pageant, décor, and costume. In 1573, the first ballet, Ballet de Polonais, was performed to honor the Polish Ambassador. Ballet de Polonaise was an hour long and it was choreographed by Balthazar de Beuajoyeulx. It consisted of sixteen women to represent the 16 French

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