How Barba Changed My Life

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This book was very interesting and I adore it so much . I can't remember when the last time I actually sit down and read a book with out complaining. Well, yeah I did complain when Barba mess up and did something random things in the book. I honestly think she conducted her research well but she got little overwhelmed. She jump to her connection way to fast when she wasn't really in the “hole” for money. I know I couldn't did what she did I would of use my connections to so I really can't talk negative against her I honestly thought her research wasn't fair for the people who wanted to get a job and living in the streets awhile she is just there for “fun”.…show more content…
She finally got the real taste of poverty beside working and living off of her paycheck a when she got a distance amount of money in her pocket. I think she would of drop out of her research if she didn't have all those connections she had . In every city she went you could of felt how tried she was living like that. Do you think she age even more with stress ? I know she is older lady and they age but I wonder if she age any when she was doing this ? When she was talking about her finding I only agree on one things of her which is that low wage employees doesn't stick up for their self. It is because how rough it is to find a job. Most people will deal with their manager or boss mouth so they have a pay check every week . It's sad how this society works today with money. It breaks my heart seeing people who is struggling at the time they might of put their self in that spot. When she was talking about the tax credit (tax
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