How Baseball Survived the Great Depression Essays

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Baseball remains today one of America’s most popular sports, and furthermore, baseball is one of America’s most successful forms of entertainment. As a result, Baseball is an economic being of its own. However, the sustainability of any professional sport organization depends directly on its economic capabilities. For example, in Baseball, all revenue is a product of the fans reaction to ticket prices, advertisements, television contracts, etc. During the devastating Great Depression in 1929, the fans of baseball experienced fiscal suffering. The appeal of baseball declined as more and more people were trying to make enough money to live. There was a significant drop in attention, attendance, and enjoyment. Although baseball’s vitality …show more content…

Radio broadcasting contributed to the survival of baseball in two ways. First, radio broadcast kept people who could not afford tickets interested in the game. Second, radio broadcasting brought in new fans that lived far away or never could afford to attend games. Therefore, radio broadcasting was a popular and ingenious contribution to the survival of baseball during the great depression. In addition, the farm system was created and refined during the great depression. The farm system was a way to cut down the expensive sums of money spent on buying new players. Lauren Vorel, who is a baseball historian, describes the farm system by saying, “The farm system allowed major league teams to develop ballplayers in the minor league teams and draft them up to the majors, instead of having to complete expensive trades with other major league teams for developed ball players.” Because of the farm system, baseball clubs saved money while still having valuable players. The farm system was prosperous, and many teams began to have success from implementing the farm system. For example, the White Sox’s team was composed of many players who came from their farm system. Because the White Sox did not trade or purchase players during this time, they saved a lot of money. There are many more examples of the farm system’s success, and it is still used today. Therefore, the farm system was another ingenious tool that benefited

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