How Basketball Has Changed The World Essay

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Basketball is one of the most popular which is beloved sports that is played today. Michael Jordan, who played for the Washington Wizards and the Chicago Bulls once said, “Just play, have fun, and enjoy the game” (BrainyQuote 2016). Whether playing with friends for fun or by professionals for entertainment or simply watching from home, basketball is very enjoyed all over the world. Beginning with a unique history, basketball has evolved over time from a simple idea into a professional career choice for those with the unique skill set.
During the winter of 1892 in a town in Massachusetts a physical education teacher, Dr. James Naismith, at a YMCA school created a game where young men could play indoors aside from going outside in the freezing cold. To be prepared for the game, Dr. Naismith came up with some rules for the game, gathered two peach baskets for hoops, a soccer ball, and coached the first basketball game in history.
Dr. Naismith came up with thirteen rules. While four out of the thirteen rules that he came up with, are no longer followed in today 's version of basketball, the nine that are left were slightly modified and are still in use today. The original thirteen rules are as follows:
The ball is thrown with both hands in any direction.
The player can not run with the ball, so they need to throw it where they caught it from.
The ball is batted in any direction not with the fist but with both hands.
The ball is held in between your hands just not with the
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