How Beneficial Is Having Knowledge About The Down Low

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How beneficial is having knowledge about the down low? Not enough of our society is informed of how detrimental or costly this “lifestyle” is or can be. Surprisingly, the risk factors include an association with sexually transmitted diseases most notably HIV/AIDS. According to Lisa Bond, “the down low has been used to describe black men who identify as heterosexual yet put their female partners at risk for HIV infection by secretly engaging in homosexual sex”. Whether or not we conclude that black men are in fact "prime agents" for spreading HIV, popular press feel obliged to associate HIV/AIDS and black down low men thus asserting that their lifestyle could possibly be why the disease started and is still growing. Therefore, this research paper is to spark whether "down low" black men contribute to the continuous spread of HIV/AIDS. Without understanding the background of the down low lifestyle, writers popularize negative associations with it. Furthermore, I plan to briefly identify and define what is the down low and what allegedly provokes men to engage in it. And because the public media and writers have continuously pointed fingers at black men who only participate in this lifestyle, I also plan to expand my research to reject that only black men are on the down low. To start, after extensive reading, many writers have attempted to understand the desire to participate in sexual activity with the same sex, therefore finding that the reasons vary from low self-esteem,

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