How Best Can Managers Ensure Employees Are Motivated At Work?

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How best can managers ensure employees are motivated at work?

There are two reasons why people do things, first because they want and willing to do, or second because they have no choice. If people do things when they have to, it is likely that they will do no more than necessary, and they will stop doing as soon as they can. Therefore, the term "motivation" is introduced, in order to make people want and willing to do things. This essay will be looking at how best managers can ensure their employees are motivated at work, because this is important for an organization to achieve its goals. Before we start, we have to clarify the term: motivation.

Motivation has to do with a set of independent/dependent variable relationships that
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However, in further, employment relationship means far more than these, because people in the real life are not as simply described as in theory X or theory Y, what they think may be too complex to be evaluated. For example, in one of the most elaborate studies on employee motivation, involving 31,000 men and 13,000 women, the Minneapolis Gas Company sought to determine what their potential employees’ desire most from a job. This study was carried out during a 20 years period from 1945 to 1965 and was quite revealing. Surprisingly, the result shows that factors such as money, benefits were given a low rating, but job security was given the highest concern. So that, no one can definitely say that what their employees want from the job and employers. Regarding to this, Abraham Maslow tells us that people’s actions are motivated by a set of needs, arranged in a “hierarchy” (illustrated in Fig1). Each need only begins to have a strong effect on behavior once the previous need has been (largely) dealt with.


Therefore, in order to ensure employees are motivated at work, firstly, managers must satisfy the basic needs (physiological needs), such as foods, warm, etc. then move step by step towards the top (self- actualization needs).

Next, in order to achieve the best result in motivating employees, and maximum their discretionary efforts, management
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