How Bilingualism Has Impacted The United States ' Modern Education System

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Rebeca Patino Formal Essay #4 OAKS D America vs Language In the article, Speak Spanish, You’re in America!: El Huracan over language and Culture, Juan Gonzalez, a journalist and broadcaster of the daily show, Democracy Now, describes how bilingualism has impacted the United States’ modern education system. He describes an amendment that would constitute English as the official in the United States, which he believes can be a potential threat to the educational system. Gonzalez suggests that instead of having an amendment that constitutes English as the national language, American schools should implement Spanish to highlight the importance of being bilingualism in the American educational system. A constitutional amendment declaring English as the national language would be damaging to bilingual students because it would limit their capability of communicating in English or their native language, and therefore they have would fall behind in classes and will not succeed in the American educational system. To highlight the importance of bilingualism, even more the educational system should implement a variety of languages. It is beneficial for bilingual students to be taught in both their native language and in English to assimilate with ease into the American educational system. Gonzalez demonstrates how Native Americans, especially the Cherokees implemented English in their curriculum while also teaching them their own language. This form of teaching did not only teach

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