How Bill Gates Has The World 's Most Successful Man

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Bill Gates has always been known for being one of the world’s most successful man. It is largely known that he, with Steve Ballmer, created Microsoft—both the software and the company. Microsoft is one of the world’s most popular computer software companies that was created by Gates and Ballmer in 1972—at least that’s when the idea was formed. But what many people don’t know or don’t realize is that fact that both Ballmer and Gates were college dropouts. They weren’t dropouts from just any college, though, but from Harvard University. Now, Gates often jokes about how he is, according to Crimson, “Harvard’s most successful dropout”. In his 2007 Harvard Commencement Address, Gates uses three key factors to make his speech a greatly memorable one. He used humor, seriousness, and motivation all in an adequate way that helped his speech be one for the books.
For example, after addressing the listeners, Gates uses the following quote to open up his speech and hook his listeners’ attention; “I’ve been waiting more than 30 years to say this: ‘Dad, I always told you I’d come back and get my degree’”. That immediately results in laughter from the crowd. From then on, the humor and laughter continues for the majority of the opening. Gates proceeds to joke about how Crimson’s quote “makes me (Gates) valedictorian of my (Gates) own special class…I (Gates) did the best of everyone who failed”. He also jokingly says how he is a “bad influence” and that is why he was invited to speak at…
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