How Bill Gates Is The Man He Is Today

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”. This is correctly stated by Peter Drucker, and upheld by all visionaries who created history in the world of technology. The 20th century marked a major turning point in computer advancements that changed the world forever with Microsoft leading the way. Bill Gates, the co founder of Microsoft, always envisioned Microsoft to be a leader in the computer industry, and that is exactly what he accomplished. Today, Microsoft has not only touched and changed the life of the common man, but it has revolutionized the business, medical, production and communication sector of the work world. Through taking risks, and believing in both himself and his product, Bill Gates is the man he is today.…show more content…
Within this environment it is essential for entrepreneurs to be innovative and prepared. Having a strong willed attitude allows an entrepreneur to build on their business strategies because their mind is not deterred from what they want to accomplish. The element of success behind Gates’ strategy of being strong willed is definitely due to his personal character. When Gates first developed Microsoft he was determined to get his company to the top of the technological industry. Dear Love stated in his book “His competitive spirit and personal drive to succeed was legendary” (Dear Love, 89). This exemplifies how Bill Gates truly did have the drive to complete tasks at hand, and this was all apart of who he was as a person. Having a strong willed attitude is an essential step to becoming successful in whatever you wish to pursue, just as Bill Gates has displayed in his many years of success. Overall, Gates being head strong and confident about his software is definitely what allowed him to rise to the top. He believed in his product, which made everyone else believe in it too.
Determination is a key element to the strategy of anyone who wants to become successful. If you are not determined to succeed you are less likely to do so. Bill Gates was always determined to make his software company into the huge corporation it is now. Dear Love in his book writes, “Combine business acumen and a highly competitive
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