How Bill Has Changed Our Lives

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Bill is a 30-year-old male in Lincoln Nebraska, diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Bill has been detained in the Regional Center multiple times over the last 15 years due to fear of being a danger to himself and others. Bill is on many medications as well as psychotherapy. Bill has attempted suicide three times, because he believed the devil was speaking to him telling him to do these things. He now lives in his own home, across the street from his mother; his mother takes care of his money, and government benefits, as he is not fit to manage his own affairs. Biological theorists believe that people can inherit a disposition for Schizophrenia, according to the diathesis-stress perspective. It is also believed that biochemical abnormalities as well as abnormal brain structure could be factors in schizophrenic patients. Researchers have developed a dopamine hypothesis which explains “certain neurons that use the neurotransmitter dopamine fire too often and send too many messages, thus producing the symptoms of the disorder” (Abi-Dargham & Grace, 2011) The drugs used to combat these symptoms are known as atypical antipsychotic drugs, as they are much different from other antipsychotic medications. These drugs bind dopamine receptors to keep messages from being transmitted too quickly. Brain scans have found that many schizophrenic patients have enlarged ventricles. These patients tend to show greater cognitive disturbances. It is also believed that schizophrenia can be
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