How Bingeing Became the New College Sport Essay

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* I believe that when reading the title, date and place of publication I can safely say that this article is going to be about binge drinking among underage drinking at colleges. Also the issue of lowering the drinking age to under 21. * Topic: How bingeing became the new college sport Claim: And why it would stop if we lowered the drinking age. ~ The topic and claim are basically stating that the higher you raise the drinking age the worse off all the college kids are going to be, If we did lower the drinking age it would take away their sense of rebelling and adrenalin rush that they get from doing something illegal. ~ The author’s point of view is that “I’ve been there I know what happened because I know what I did” . He…show more content…
It has just showed me just how stupid it is and how worthless drinking that much can be, I mean it is possible to go out and enjoy a drink or too, do you need to drink so much that you can’t see straight? I don’t think so at all. * This article merely states that we need to lower the drinking age to 18 or 19 to prevent the excitement factor. If the kids are “allowed” to do it then it’s not as exciting to them, they won’t drink to that extent. They have done it at a few campuses across the nation that have had a good out come. Either that or kids will start going to colleges on other parts of the world. As he mentioned towards the end of the essay about a Montreal college (“I saw on the one campus I visited where the legal drinking age is 18: Montreal's McGill University, which enrolls about 2,000 American undergraduates a year. Many, when they first arrive, go overboard, exploiting their ability to drink legally. But by midterms, when McGill's demanding academic standards must be met, the vast majority have put drinking into its practical place among their priorities“). This is what was predicted for the outcome if we lower the drinking age in the united

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