How Birth Order Affects A Child's Personality

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The two essays I have read tell about how birth order affects a child’s personality. One has told about how the order of birth between siblings affects the way each child acts. The other essay I read told of how birth order affects the personality of siblings. In the first essay scientists tell of how they think birth order can affect the way siblings act. They say that the firstborn child will take more of a leadership role and follow orders to achieve goals (L 31). They tell of how the middle child is the easy to ignore child and how that child will develop skills to gain more attention (L 38). The scientists also told of how the youngest child would be the one to be pampered by the parents and other siblings. They also said that the child would develop social skills for being able to get other people to do things for them (L 36-37).…show more content…
The scientists tell of how a child’s position in the family affects their IQ and their personality. They say that firstborn children with associate more with other firstborns (L 51). The scientists tell that middle-born children will associate more with other middle-borns (L 51). They also say that last-born children will associate more with other last-borns (L 52). The two essays have showed that studies are right about the order of birth being able to affect the personalities of children. They are relevant to the many studies about the way children act. In conclusion, birth order is relevant for the way children act and how their personalities are also developed around
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