Essay about How Birth Order Affects One’s Personality

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How Birth Order Affects One’s Personality

Everyone in the world is born with a special and unique character. Some of their personality is shaped by their surroundings as they grow up as well as the factor of genetics. It is believed by some psychologists/researchers that birth order has a tendency to influence parts of the personality. Birth order isn’t a simplistic 1-2-3 system that says all first borns are equally one way, all second children are another and last-born kids are always just like this or that. These are simply tendencies and general characteristics that often apply. There are dynamics with families that can change relationships. Through your position in the family you develop your behavior pattern, way of thinking
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One psychologist, specifying in birth order, as well as a mother of a first-born child remarked, “No wonder most of the astronauts are first borns. They will do anything to get away from those parents who hounded them mercilessly.” This was after telling a story about how many mothers try to push their first child much harder than they should. In her case, she specifically remembers trying to convince her two year old son to get into the crashing waves of the ocean. The middle-child or the second born tends to be very flexible and diplomatic. They are always generous and very sociable people. The second- born loses attention as the first born aggressively takes it away, leaving the second child to feel as if he or she cannot do anything well enough to merit attention. Therefore their parents hardly notice them compared to younger children. As a result, they suffer less from their parent’s neurosis and are relaxed, easy going and malleable peacemakers. They are good mediators and have superior cooperation skills. They don’t have their parents all to themselves or get their own way. Therefore, they learn to negotiate and compromise. They often make excellent managers and leaders because of these skills. Sometimes it is found that the in- between kids actually have the most comfortable position in the birth order. They don’t have to please their parents because the
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