How Black Culture Has Changed America

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Over the years, we have seen how black culture has evolved in America. From our dance movements, music, hairstyles and language we see how other races embrace our culture; however, they do not embrace the people who created the culture they claim to love so much. It is baffling to know that America takes the things we created and make into their own without giving credit when credit is needed. The truth is black culture is one of this country’s biggest exports and symbols of youth, and people try to take advantage of it by mimicking it. Imitation is viewed as the sincerest form of flattery, yet somehow, this flattery does not expand to include the individual people that compose that black community and culture. In this paper, we will…show more content…
Most producers feel that our culture is being taken from under us with letting some of these whites artists commit slander (Cas Siger-Beedles 2014). There are other ways in which America loves our arts like our hairstyles and language.
For centuries, black women have been wearing braids, plaits, cornrows and banana braids. However, over the summer it seems as though white celebrities were given credit for starting a new trend of ‘boxer braids’ like the Kardashians. Anytime people like the Kardashians do something new it becomes a trend. In a Teen Vogue, Zendaya commented that “ 'Braids are not new and black women have been wearing braids for a very long time” (Danielle 2016). It is like something as simple as braids become fresh and new because it was on someone else other than a black woman. Not only do we suffer from them wearing our hairstyles, but we have the debate on whether or not whites are allowed to say the N-word. This is one controversial issue that we face today because of how much of our culture is embedded into American culture. Some black people think that giving whites the right to use the N-word is giving them power over us again in a sense. On the other hand, some people understand why they want to use it because of our music. Hip Hop artists use the word often in their raps and music, and because of this, some whites feel that they have the right to use it too. Because America has taken interest in the black culture, you
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