How Black Nationalism Helped Civil Rights

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In the United States, racial tolerance in society has been a product of various struggles by civil rights groups and individuals over several decades. As racial tolerance should be a basic foundation of any society, it unfortunately had to be attained through various routes in the American society; some peaceful, while most not so much. For African Americans, tolerance through civil rights was achieved through two overlapping movements. The first type of movement was the desegregation movement, aimed at ending the separation of blacks and whites and trying to make them into one American community, such as the movement headed by Martin Luther King Jr. The other type of movement was the black nationalist movement whose aim was to empower blacks by separating whites and blacks in American society. Both of these movements started in the 1700s, but the positive outcomes of these movements were seen in the mid-1960s through civil rights for African Americans. This paper will concentrate on how black nationalism helped civil rights in the US, and how it led to tolerance in society.

The black nationalist movement was a major force in the fight for tolerance and civil liberties for African Americans in the United States. The movement was a social and political movement which was popular in the 1960s-70s amongst African Americans in the US. The fundamental beliefs of the black nationalist movement was to achieve a sense of community and group feeling amongst African Americans,…
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