How Blogs Can Be Tremendous Platform For Fitness Experts

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Blogs have proven to be tremendous platform for fitness experts who wish to share their strengths with the world. What separates the best from all the others is the content, as well as the methods are used to get it out there. ‘ NurtureyourLife’ is focussing on the online worldwide audience who would give preference to physical activities, love to cook fresh food and balance their spiritual life. ‘NurtureyourLife’ decided to target the audience using Facebook and Twitter to build initial relationships and then move to other channels of social media. We launched the Facebook page and tagged the fitness groups, making it possible to identify any group visitors who had also interacted with Facebook. Using social analytics and reporting, NurtureyourLife’s marketers then examined the behavior of these visitors. ‘NurtureyourLife’ began responding to audience, request for help, from changing their lifestyle to food habits to introducing new techniques of activities. The data showed that visitors who interacted heavily with the Facebook and Twitter pages demonstrated a high level engagement with the blog and website as well. These audience generates traffic through sharing content or blog links with others. Then through listening, establish if that is the language NurtureyourLife’s audience is interested in. Now, the blog is using a mix of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Emails to generate more traffic.

If we analyze the social media efforts of other…
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