How Bone And Osteoporosis Related Injuries

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Bone is a form of collagen; a protein that creates the structure and with calcium phosphate makes this structure hard and strong. Collagen and calcium make bone strong and flexible enough to withstand stress (National Library of Medicine, 2016). Bone is considered a living tissue and everyday undergoes reproduction as any other tissue. As much of 99 percent of the calcium in the body is in the bones and teeth, and the 1 percent is in the bloodstream.
There are two types of bone in the human body; Cortical bone is dense and compact, forms the outer layer of the bone and the trabecular bone forms the inner layer of the bone and is known as spongy bone (National Library of Medicine, 2016).
Osteoporosis makes bones weak and brittle; fragile bones can easily be fractured. With osteoporosis, a fall or mild stresses cause a fracture. Most of the Osteoporosis-related injuries are in the region of the hip, wrist or the spine (). Bone is constantly being synthesis and broken down for replaced. Osteoporosis is the result of the lack of reproduction of new bone. Osteoporosis can be seen in men and women of all races. Medications, healthy diet and weight-bearing exercise can prevent bone loss or strengthen already weak bones (Mayo Clinic, 2016).
Who is at risk?
People have been diagnosed with different forms of osteoporosis. 100 years ago it was a health problem of a small group of people. The elder suffered from diseases that cause secondary osteoporosis; These
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