How Botox Is Not Just Good For Your Face But Now Figuratively Essay

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Botox is not just good for your face but now metaphorically, it can do wonders for your resume. When creating a LinkedIn digital profile, go beyond a resume facelift. Kill off the old hackneyed words and the outdated format. Turn your boring profile into a story about your personal brand. A LinkedIn profile is a companion to a paper resume. The profile contains the following sections: a summary, experience, volunteer work, publications, skills, expertise, education and recommendations and other information you 'd like to showcase on-line. Today 's paper resumes are less in demand than an electronic version. While employers always require a detailed summary of the candidate 's work history before making a final hiring decision, there has been a change in the last ten years now the recruiting process is on-line. At job fairs, company recruiters want an emailed copy of your resume not a white paper copy. There is a certain art to creating a profile on-line. It has to be short, inclusive, laid-back, and contain compelling words to define your career story. With some work you can set- one- up that will expand your contacts and attract recruiters. First you must: Create a Summary A LinkedIn summary is less formal than a traditional resume. The tone is friendly and the profile can be written in the first person. The reason for this is to create a kind of immediate rapport between the writer and reader. In the profile of Tuffy P. Cat, included in this post, the summary

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