Essay on How Boyle's Law Relates to Respiratory Care

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This paper is going to discuss Boyle’s Law and how it relates to respiratory care. It will define what the law is, how it works, and why it is important to us. We use this law every day without even thinking about it. So many of our everyday activities and actions are related to certain gas laws that have been built into our lives at home and at work. Without many of the gas laws we would not have the advancements that we have today. Boyle’s Law has had a very important role in our lives. It is the reason why we have the medical technology that we have today and why it keeps improving. Because of Boyle’s law, the medical profession saves lives and improves lives every day.
In the 1600’s Robert Boyle from Ireland explained the
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Our bodies do it on their own by moving air into the lungs when a muscle called the diaphragm, along with other nearby muscles, contract and causes the chest cavity to expand. Then air is exhaled when these muscles relax, and the lung tissue returns or recoils to its original size (Jardins 2013) . When the patient needs help with breathing due to a disease, surgery or the use of medications which stop the muscle from working on their own, a ventilator is a life-saving replacement. The volume of oxygen in the cylinder is depressed down and the pressure increases moving the oxygen through the tubes into the patient.
The plethysmography technique applies to Boyle’s law and uses measurements of volume and pressure changes to determine lung volume, assuming the temperature is constant. The plethysmography technique measures the volume of all compressible gas in the thorax, including gas trapped behind airway obstructions or in the pleural space (Kacmarek 2013). This is just another example of how important Boyle’s law has become to the medical profession.
As this report states, Boyle’s law is very important in our everyday lives and in the medical profession. The advancements in respiratory care in modern day medicine have been greatly enhanced with the application of Boyle’s law which was developed over 400 years ago by Robert Boyle a native of Ireland. As a respiratory therapist we work with Boyle’s law every day to help patients
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