How Brands Affect the Cultivation of Consumer's Concept of Self

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Products & Brands (sections 1-3): Tinned tomatoes (Hunt's) and Jewelry (eBay)" "Place (section 4): Tinned tomatoes (Hunt's) and Jewelry (eBay)" Abstract Brands play an important role in our lives. Brand-based differentiation and branding are very powerful means for sustaining and creating competitive advantage. We, the consumers, form relationships with the brands just like we form relationships with our loved ones around us. The relationships formed between brands and consumers mirror the consumer's social relationships. The brands start behaving like socialized members and they have to act according to the rules of the respective society. The marketing and distribution strategies of the brands greatly support the development of the bond between brands and consumers. This essay is supports the idea of Susan Fournier (1998) that consumers have relationships with brands. Keywords: Jewelry, tinned tomatoes, brands, consumers, relationship, strategies "Products & Brands (sections 1-3): Tinned tomatoes (Hunt's) and Jewelry (eBay)" Brands affect cultivation of consumer's concept of self. The consumers form relationship with brands that vary in content and level of organizing identity activities, durability, emotional quality and proportion of relationships. Consumers develop views of brands through non-marketing and marketing influences. Brands have a specific meaning in the life of consumers and the distribution strategies greatly influence the bond formed in between
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