How Breaking Bad Is Created By Vince Gilligan Essay

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In this essay, I will analyse the TV show, Breaking Bad which is created by Vince Gilligan, in relation to the theory of narrative. I will be basing this essay on the first episode of Breaking Bad and also the TV show as a whole. We will learn to what extent Breaking Bad reflects conventional narrative structure. First the essay will identify what conventional narrative structure is. I will then analyse how Breaking Bad reflects the different parts that make up narrative structure, including, the three act structure and character roles. I will then determine what is different about Breaking Bad and what parts of it do not conform to conventional narrative structure. I will be discovering how the use of conventional narrative structure effects how the audience views the text.
Narrative structure is about both the content of a story, and how the story is told by using plot. There are different things that made up the narrative structure of a text. These include, the three act structure and the roles of the characters. The three act structure is a model that is used in screenwriting to divide a narrative into different parts (, 2015). The first act of a three act structure is called setup. This is where setting, character, and their situations are introduced to the audience. The second act is when something big happens so that there are major changes in the characters life. Act three is when the problems and changes in the characters life are resolved (,

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