How Bronte Uses Setting to Reflect the Experiences of Her Characters

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Explore how Bronte uses setting to reflect the experiences of her characters. Bronte describes every setting in "Jane Eyre" in a vast amount of detail, using a number of different language techniques, so as to portray the experiences of her characters, almost subconsciously, to the reader. As well as this, she conveys the moods of her characters using methods such as pathetic fallacy and symbolism, in order to express their emotions indirectly. Furthermore, Bronte uses all of these methods, in addition to a number of scenes containing juxtaposition, as well as the overall structure of her writing style, consistently throughout the book, following Jane through her life. And, transmitting her personal changes and experiences at…show more content…
Furthermore, in order to portray Jane's position mentally, Bronte emphasises the fact that Jane is trapped in the room with no escape route. Also, the room to Jane is especially horrible as it is the room where her uncle Mr Reed, " breathed his last". Therefore, this reflects Jane's own feelings that she is trapped inside a traumatic world that she does not want to exist in. It is also this world that Jane feels is suffocating her personality and rejecting her. It is also in Bronte's setting of "Lowood" that Jane's character is unfolded to us. It is here that Jane finds sanctuary in Miss Temple. To get to the secret hideaway of Miss Temple's room she must travel through an intricate, dark mass of paths and corridors, so, when she reaches the room it is indeed like a temple, or an oasis of some sort. The comforting atmosphere inside reflects
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