How Buget Cuts Effect Fire Departments

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Running head: Budgets and Fire Departments

How Budget Cuts Effect Fire Departments
Leann Rae
Edison State College How Budget Cuts Effect Fire Departments
Budgets have played a major role in fire departments all over the world. In the past couple of years, fire department budgets have been in the headlines quite frequently. This is especially true in Florida, where there has been much controversy in the proposal and passing of Amendment 1, in January 2008. The passing of this amendment has left many counties and cities in Florida having to cut budgets across the board, which includes the fire and EMS departments. Many departments are facing a substantial loss in their fiscal year budget which could translate
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In the last few months, we 've noticed that more local governments - from the villages to the big cities - have been complaining about "shortfalls" in their tax revenues. Even those that raised taxes find they 're not collecting as much as they expected because weakening economic conditions have resulted in fewer business and property owners being able to pay their tax bills. Those that handed out tax breaks a few years ago are in even worse shape and those in regions hit hard by the mortgage banking scandal have become disaster areas. Experience also has shown that an arson wave seems to accompany a recession. In fact, an increase in arson cases is one way of confirming that a recession has arrived. Its the so-called "solution" some people turn to when they 're about to lose everything they own and all that 's left is the insurance on a business or a home. And, just when a fire department needs more trained arson investigators on the street, some have to cut back in order to put every available body on the understaffed engine and truck companies. Get ready for more and bisser fires. (Bruno, 2008, p.26).

On the national level, the President of The United States has put the American people at an even greater risk due to his 2009 Fiscal Year Budget proposal. The President has drastically cut the funding for the first responder programs, he wants to cut two hundred and forty seven million dollars from the

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