How Bullying Has Changed Our Modern World

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For as long as there have been inequalities, people have wanted to ensure their status quo doesn’t change. Ranging from simple farmers fighting over better farming land to dictator despots conquering foreign soils to expand their territories, humanity has had to deal with bullies. In our modern era, at least within the United States, the common stereotype of a bully is a high school bully stuffing another high school student, commonly a “nerd” or “geek”, into a locker. This stereotype has been, and still is, highly used within cinema and literature. Over the last 30 years, the world has experienced a technological revolution, with advances across all disciplines and fields of study. As a result, there now exists a worldwide international communications network, accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Bullying has changed drastically from that stereotype of a bully stuffing someone into a locker. It has evolved from physical confrontation to virtual digital confrontation, allowing anyone, from teenagers to elderly adults, to become modern day bullies. This vast social transformation is now commonly known as cyberbullying. According to Willard (2004), there are 8 different types of cyberbullying. These 8 types of cyberbullying are cyberstalking, harassment, trickery, denigration, outing, flaming, impersonating, and exclusion. With a vast multitude of social media sites, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, users have public and anonymous platforms to
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