How Business Alignment Is The Relationship Between It Professionals And The Body Of The Company

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1a. IT-Business alignment is the relationship between IT-professionals and the body of the company that is the business professionals. IT-Business alignment involves effective communication and the ability of business and IT professionals to work together within an organization to achieve the objectives of the company. This alignment is most successful when the postures of IT and the rest of the company are on the same page. An example of good IT-business alignment would be a companies IT professionals working together with Business professionals in order to reach a common goal and sharing ideas and working towards accomplishing them. The development of Boston Scientific’s datacenter were a result of good IT-Business alignment as a result from aligning their postures to collaborate. They had IT-Professionals working directly with heads of the facilities in order optimize the datacenter location. This created a renowned industry standard for sustainable datacenter design. Poor IT-Business alignment or misalignment is a company hiring consultants to come in and perform work you have a department to do. This makes current employees feel undervalued and creates a poor work environment. Your not only wasting money on hiring outsiders but you miss the chance to develop a stronger solution to a problem that is created from within, but then can be built better and worked on from the creators. 1b. According to “How IT and the Rest of the Business Can Innovate Together”, the
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