How Business Can Grow Faster Than Normal

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When trying to expand ones business it can take a lot of time and effort to grow the company from its core not to mention how much it will cost to accomplish this goal, but there are other ways a business can grow much faster than normal. This faster method is broken up into two different types mergers and acquisitions. A merger is the combining of two or more companies, this decision is usually mutual between both firms, and it works usually by offering the stockholders of one-company securities in the acquiring company in exchange for the surrender of their stock. An acquisition is when a company buys most, if not all, of another company 's ownership stakes so that they assume control of the target company. Acquisitions are often used as…show more content…
The successful Merger of Exxon & Mobil brought back one of the first and largest monopolies in American history. The merger bring back the two pieces of Standard Oil Co. the Rockefeller oil titan that was split in 1911 due to a Supreme Court decision. Industry leaders Exxon announced on November 30th 1999 that they plan to buy and merger Mobil, the number two company in the field to make Exxon & Mobil. The deal had to be approved by the U.S. government and was only approved after Exxon & Mobil promised to sell more then two thousand four hundred gas stations across the country. "Because Exxon and Mobil are such large and powerful competitors and because they now compete in several product and geographic markets in the United States, the commission insisted on extensive restructuring before accepting a proposed settlement," FTC Chairman Robert Pitofsky said in a statement referring to the large amount of gas stations that would be sold due to the merger. "This settlement should preserve competition and protect consumers from inappropriate and anticompetitive price increases," he added. Exxon & Mobil is now the biggest of the three oil superpowers which also incudes Anglo-Dutch venture Royal Dutch/Shell and U.K.-based BP Amoco, which is also awaiting regulatory approval for its purchase of U.S.-based Atlantic Richfield. The motivations for the merger of Exxon & Mobil was to unify
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