How Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Plans Directly Impact The Uses Of The Vpn System

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During the last SLP the subject area moved from the organization’s VPN to a more boarder concept of the overall security awareness of the organization. In this SLP, we will once again go back to covering the organization’s VPN system. The reason for this change is that the concepts of business continuity and disaster recovery are most important to the use of the company’s VPN. This document will examine how business continuity and disaster recovery plans directly impact the use of the VPN system. Additionally, there will be a discussion pertaining to the challenges and solutions connected to the VPN and the influence of business continuity as well as disaster recovery planning.

Challenges Associated with BC/DR pertaining to VPN
Key factors of the business continuity/disaster recovery plans are designed to ensure that the three principles of information security remain intact even if there is some kind of a disaster or service interruption. Perhaps the greatest of there is the area of “availability”. This is especially true when one considers what the VPN means to being able to communicate electronically in the midst of a crisis. One must remember that in normal operations information security is important and in times of distress it is that more imperative. This at times will prove to be challenging to say the least. However, the business continuity plan as well as the disaster recovery plan must spell out how the services of the affected area(s) will
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