How Business Is A Successful Global Enterprise

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Considering how business is conducted by organizations of today’s era, expanding consumer base, sales, profits, and international relations have become more of an interest. Competing on an international basis has allowed companies to expand in various dimensions, in which organizational leaders have become more receptive to in order to either become and/or remain competitive. Global expansionism can provide many values from creating employment opportunities, maximizing sales/profits, fluctuating supply and demand, and importantly mitigating economies risk from suffering from any depressive state. Global expansionism is not a facet that businesses should just liberally enter as there are threats and opportunities with any venture.…show more content…
I chose this organization because they are a great example that presents diverse cultural qualities within the organizations.
Assurant Specialty Property presents definitive culture in its very own logo. The logo is made up of a rubber-band ball with triangles within the ball. The ball is filled with the colors blue, green and orange with each color defining the companies’ missions and goals. The green represents the company’s growth and pursuance of attaining dominance lucratively. The blue represents the ocean and how business is conducted with their international affiliates. While lastly the color orange defines Assurant’s measures in maintaining joy within the employees, partners and affiliates. The triangles are a symbolic for business being done within the relationship of all Assurant’s business affiliates. This rubber-banded ball filled with symbolism is formed this way to present unity.
Observable artifacts, espoused values, and enacted values of organizations are put in place to establish trends. Those trends will be different for every organization and region of people being that establishing culture is determined from a collaboration of leadership team and employees experiences. It is important for organizations to strategically plan for cultural advancement. According to Strategic Management Group,
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