How Business Is Trending Towards A More Positive Corporate Culture

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Society is trending towards a more positive corporate culture, something very difference from decades gone by in the realm of corporate America. Often, the need to provide a happier, more pleasant work environment has been shown to lead to more productive employees who enjoy their jobs. Providing a positive working setting, by giving better communication, feedback, and opportunities, one can thrive. Changes in corporate culture may not always meet the needs of everyone, but many can appreciate the new side of business.
In previous positions, one of the underlying themes of the environments was that the employees and the overall atmosphere was very negative, with a lack of team work and accountability for training, leadership, and structure, leaving the ability to do one’s job, at best, tolerable. It was not until working at one job, an insurance company, where it was observed that a positive work situation could make it all the difference in how one could perform in his or her job. For instance, as mentioned in previous positions, there was a lack of basic concepts like training, which could be wildly contradictory, lacking continuity or basic procedures, thus affecting productivity, motivation in learning new tasks, and a general desire to come to work. Working in a variety of positions has provided some unique insight what makes for a motivated employee.
A way to remedy such a situation, it would seem, is to provide a clear, understandable set of procedures for a specific…
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