How Business 's Stand Test Of Time Where The Environment Is Changing At A Phenomenal Pace

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How does organization’s stand test of time where the environment is changing at a phenomenal pace the answer lies in amending organizational structure and adapting to the changes rapidly. Alibaba an ecommerce website was able to foresee the changes in the environment they are doing business and adjusted their organizational structure to tell a success story. Kodak has now become a tale of legends reminiscent of nostalgia, this could have prevented had the company quickly reacted to the changes and fixed its cultural, organizational, political issues. The common factor among all the firms which are now a thing of past like Nokia, Kodak is a fixed hierarchy structure where the decisions are made from a top down approach with little or no…show more content…
This can be achieved by slowly embracing a culture wherein there is greater emphasis on adhocracy and clan like culture, which fixes the rigid hierarchal structure which acts as a road block for success. Today’s organizations can be classified into either “green” or “orange”, the transition from orange to green and finally teal can be attributed to passion. In teal approach organizations are self-managed i.e the power resides within the employees to manage, track progress and suggest changes to their groups. In this type of scenario passion plays a pivotal role of being a motivating factor as they are responsible for their success and establishes strong trust between management and employees, than by manager as a threat to their productivity. In contrast in hierarchal structure manager forces employees to perform their job correctly and manage the responsibilities efficiently. In a teal approach manager develops ways to establish an environment where employees are encouraged to freely share their ideas and passionate to innovate the way approach their job. Buurtzorg is a perfect example of this environment where the idea of nurses from a small part of organization was shared to CEO, who gave the responsibility for nurses to implement their strategy across the innovation. Technology giant Google offers free gym, massages, food stalls where employees are seated in an environment which promotes small talk, play grounds for dogs are few
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