How Cahokia Is The Most Influential Cities

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Cahokia is arguably one of the most influential cities in its time. Although there is little known about Cahokia, aspects of their culture (like games, artifacts, and religious aspects) can be found throughout the Americas. If so much of the area had not been bulldozed before being excavated, we may have known more about the area. Cahokia had such an impact during its time, traces of Cahokia can be found in other communities such as the Osage, Pawnee, and many more. 1. Cahokia made its huge mark in history around 1050 BCE, when they relocated the city and began growing rapidly. Due to advancements in agriculture and the production of their major crop, maize, Cahokians were able to develop new traits and skills that allowed the city to…show more content…
2. Going into the heart of this amazing city could almost be overwhelming to a visitor. The Great Plaza was the largest public gathering area ever seen in this area. There would have been people and houses covering miles of area. One of the more disturbing things a visitor might see while in Cahokia is the human sacrifice. Although to some this is barbaric, many different cultures all over the world conducted these type of rituals. In one burial site, bodies of pregnant women, mothers, and children of one family were found. Cahokians had a matrilineal culture (power passed down through the women’s male relatives, which is why it is believed that this burial site was used as a political massacre of a competitor to the elite family in the area. There is also evidence to show that the Cahokians had a sense of astronomy and a way of telling time, which was brought on by the supernova that occurred right before the boom. A visitor may have been able to see the American Woodhenge that displayed this knowledge. 3. During the 19th and 20th century, archeologists were still trying to find more information about Cahokia and its people before it was all demolished for the growing city of St. Louis. During this time, many had flawed and misinformed ideas about the area. A very prominent archeologist, James Griffin, believed that few inhabitants actually live in this area and they only stayed for short periods of times. Gh6This

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