How Calendars Can Be Long And Dreadful Enough For Those?

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Schools seem to be long and dreadful enough for certain people, but others around the world find school timing sufficient. Schools have two different types of calendars which each school around the world follows one of the two calendars throughout the whole school year. The two types of school calendars are the traditional school calendar and the year- round school calendar. People try so hard to decide which school they should go to, but do not know because they know both calendars have certain benefits and certain negatives. Some people think that all kinds of schools should just stick to one schedule and it is the traditional school calendar or the year round school calendar. They want their live to be easier on most students around the…show more content…
Some people say that the year-round calendar schools are better while other say traditional calendar schools are better. As a student I think that the year-round schools might help certain people by maybe not all. Certain schools around the world use the year – round school calendar, which is not so popular, because not everybody knows the benefits of the year – round school calendar. Year round schools calendars are calendars which are somewhat similar to the traditional school calendars, because Year- round school students go to school for approximately “180” days each year, which is the same amount of school days the traditional calendar students go to school each year. Schools traditionally run on a ten-month calendar, beginning in the late summer or early fall until late spring or early summer, but the year- round schools changed that up a little and have students go to school throughout the whole year. Usually in year-round calendar schools, students and teachers go to school for certain amount of days and have a break after that, the most popular type is they go to school for 45 days of school than have 15 days of break. Also, while traditional school calendar students take two weeks off on winter break, year-round school students take three weeks off. However, when traditional school students take off three months during summer break, year round school students only take one month off because
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