How Can A Passion, Habit Or Routine Becomes An Obsession?

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How can a passion, habit or routine becomes an obsession? This is the case of people that do over exercise, and transform themselves in addict to physical activity. Exercise is not in the a normally conduct, and constantly passed unnoticed in our society. The majority of people do not that is possible to become addict to exercise, because exercise has been always considered a as good conduct. Nevertheless, many people can be an addict to this physical activity and they do not even know it. It sounds unthinkable, but, it is a real situation, present especially in males, teenagers, adults around 18 to 40, in athletes that also have a higher possibility together with models, who experiences this addiction. According to a webpage named Eating…show more content…
The main cause for over exercise is, a psychological reason, like eating disorders, such anorexic, a psychiatric illness, were people tend to feel fat and see the image of their body fat in from of a mirror, when is totally the opposite, because of it, they start to restrict their food, less and less, for not get calories, and constantly experiences loss of weight. People that suffer the problem of eating disorder, go for over exercise, as a secondary source of burn calories, so they can lose weight faster and do not getter back. Bulimia is another eating disorder where a person eats a large portion of food in a short among of time and them, they feel guilty a vomit and use other resources as laxatives for do not gain weight. Anorexic and people with bulimia, set a goal that according to them, they never reach it. An article contributed by Heather Hutchinson, representing Eating Disorder Center of Denver, cited the new research “… The May 2002 Nutrition Research Newsletter, [Indicated next result] approximately 80 percent of patients with anorexia nervosa and 55 percent of patients with bulimia nervosa compulsively exercise” (Hutchinson, p. 1). Anorexic used over exercise for lose weight and people with bulimia for do not gain weigh after eating wildly. Another psychological problem that may induce people to over exercise is a result of depression, the people with depression use exercise with the purpose of forgetting the

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