How Can A Person Become A Successful Leader By Being Humble?

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BUSI 690 D15 Policy and Strategy in Global Companies Successful Leadership Discussion Board 1 Initial Thread James Tompkins Liberty University Q1: How can a person become a successful leader by being humble? The identification with Christ as his child and the utilization of the Holy Spirit that indwells the believer following salvation is the only conclusive way we can obtain a semblance of being truly humble while serving and leading others before advancing ourselves. We are subjected to many weaknesses in this fallen world that prevent us from become completely humble. Our selfish pride can be a stumbling block in being humble. “Pride will not easily let go of its prisoners” (Wong & Davey, 2007). Identifying ourselves with…show more content…
Greenleaf believed that man could better his organizational management environment by being a servant leader. While these tenets and traits are important in serving others first, Greenleaf’s model, grounded in a humanistic approach, cannot be achieved effectively through the altruistic attempts of man. When one leads for personal gain, the result is destruction. In order to maintain such leadership, one is obligated to do whatever it takes to keep that power. Dr. Khalib Fischer (2017) from Liberty University states that “our striving for recognition can become a subtle idol that takes our focus off of others and places the focus on our agenda and aspirations.” The key challenges of being a servant leader are 1) the need for recognition, 2) letting your career become your idol, and 3) being a workaholic thinking everyone else is not as smart in whatever you are currently doing (Fischer, 2017). The traits that describe a true servant-leader is a Christ-centered, biblical leader that embraces acts of service, welcomes criticism, seeks to transform themselves, and is not afraid to serve with their hearts while elevating and edifying others (Liberty University, 2017). Blanchard & Hodges, authors of many works on servant leadership, identify four main traits that the
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