How Can A Teenager Raise A Baby?

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Most teenage boys in high school are enjoying football games, parting, and contemplating which college their planning on attending in the fall. As for myself, I was faced with a life changing experience, at just 16 my girlfriend announced that she was 3 months pregnant. I had to abstain myself from falling over and vomiting out my insides. Many people would say that having a baby at the early age of sixteen would entirely alter my life. How can a teenager raise a baby without first living their life? However, my daughter Audriana has changed my life in numerous ways, she has taught me patience and inspired me to finish my education, so that I would be prepared for my future. I would have never imagined myself, at just sixteen years old changing soiled diapers, and tending to a crying newborn. The smell of soiled diapers made me cringe, I practically had to put a mask over my face, because the smell coming from my tiny human was unbearable. Still, there was no escaping my reality and I was shure to make the best of all the obstacles that came my way. When most mothers announce to their husbands their pregnant, they usually plan some cheesy announcement like baking a cake filled with the color blue or pink icing. As for myself, my soon to be mother in law was on the phone screaming at me, “Didn’t I tell you not to touch my daughter!?” Words cannot even explain how laconic I was, not because I had a raging momma bear on the phone, but because I just found out I was having a

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