How Can A User Buyer System Be Used For Enhance Personal Purchasing Decisions?

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Research Question: How can a user buyer system be used to enhance personal purchasing decisions?
Sub-question: Can data mining be used to analyze consumer behaviors and preferences in order to satisfy purchasing decision?

Literature Review
Presently, the online shopping has become increasing in today’s market. Many consumers turn to use the internet for shopping, as a result the online recommender systems have realized for facilitating consumer needs and their interests based on previous shopping behaviors. According to Jiang, Shang, and Liu, Y. (2010) the recommender system is defined as a decision tool that designs to assist consumers need and provide products information that match consumer’ interests based on analyzing previous consumer shopping behaviors. The consumer purchasing behaviors and intentions are essential knowledge for retailers and organizations. This valuable consumer knowledge play a significant role in the recommender system in order to present suitable product information that match the customer needs (Liao, Chen, and Lin, 2011). Customers are more probable purchase products that are related to the prior purchasing. Therefore, the customer purchasing behaviors and personalization of product information have highly influenced customer demands and preferences such as product selection and satisfaction.

1. Recommender System Typically, the recommender system is built based on two technique types, which are collaborative filtering and content-based…
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