How Can Adversity be Advantageous Essay

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Adversity puts people in difficult or unpleasant situations which can create very strong emotions that can help or harm. When people face adversity, it is seen as a challenge and whether or not they overcome the challenge is personal. However regardless of whether adversity helps or harms, it is advantageous because it offers a challenge to overcome which builds character. I believe it to be true of the whole human race that when something pushes you down you look to find a way out of it. We always try our best to overcome adversity and that can make us stronger. In many cases the workers that a lot of us pay to clean and cook are faced with adversity from the start. As young kids growing up having very little it’s difficult to get out of…show more content…
Clint Dempsey is a soccer player, probably the greatest American soccer player in the world right now. He was born into a poor family in Texas that lived in a trailer. He was given very little things, however he still had the opportunity to play soccer due to his company and culture. His sister died at the age of 16 due to a brain disease, which Dempsey says motivated him to do better. The other kids in poverty around him were hispanics who loved the sport of soccer. And seemingly Clint must have enjoyed it too because he was able to play on clubs travel around the united States and go to college all because of his skills at soccer. It shows that adversity can affect a people, but it cannot deeply affect a culture, a way of life. If nothing it strengthens it because of history and the importance of family and friends in times of adversity. Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, introduces us to Holden Caulfield is one of my favorite characters because of his immaturity and confusion, or lack of understanding of his own mind. He tends to change opinion, say strong remarks, and act very childish throughout the book. Because he hasn’t grown up. He hates most of the things he comes across during the novel. His challenge is understanding the reason things are the way they have to be and why he has to act a certain why. He doesn't understand the conventions of society so he
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