How Can And Will Affect Tomorrow?

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Life is and always has been a series of events, that shape and mold us to become the people we are today. The actions we take today can and will affect tomorrow. The events that take place in our lives may not always be happy ones. However, even the hard times have a role and place in our stories. If you look hard enough you might even see the goodness in a seemingly unpleasant situation. How we overcome these challenges and face our fears will determine how we view ourselves and the world. One of your earliest childhood memories if you recall, took place in the mountains. I was about three and I went with my father and some of his friends to the snow. I remember not being able to find my dad at one point and I became very afraid. I…show more content…
Which often stems from disoriented and avoidant attachments. As you grow and raise a family know that spending time with your children and forming strong health relationships with them, is of the upmost importance. I hope you come to realize sooner than later that the relationships you form now will affect you for the rest of your life. My first real friends were my cousins. We grew up living very close to one another so in a way we were more like siblings then friends. I remember we would play for hours in the back yard. The areas we played in became a place to gain knowledge the back yard was no longer the back yard but a place where we would learn how to have friendships and interact with each other and the world around us. Erikson’s Theory Initiative versus Guilt describes a time period where children are excited to explore the world and have a need to tackle tasks and form friendships. Erikson’s theory underlines the importance of play and associates play with how young children learn about their world. Although some of my cousins are no longer here the memory of them still remains. The friendships I formed with them helped me with other relationships as I grew older. The interaction a child receives with their peers helps them learn and form attachments. Middle school was a very difficult time for me. Not only were we in the process of moving but I was also changing schools. I remember being very afraid

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