How Can Anyone Ever Changed On You?

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Amina Abdulkadir Ms. Gittings English 4A 4 November 2015 4 page creative writing Has anyone ever changed on you? Imagine our bonds as chemical reactions created from similar atoms, not knowing their electrons are attracted to your similar manners, surpassing all your unimaginative standards. I mean some people will make you laugh like comedy and not even do stand-ups, but the funniest is when they leave you on that same stage while they resign as actors. Either way the blame 's on you, your priceless love got you wondering why people change on you. It’s like your mind and soul are auctioned but instead of getting offers..of love; no one’s willing to bail you out of this unacknowledged dump. It’s like picking out a suspicious face from that long selection, can’t tell real from fake — ‘cause either way their antidote will be injected into your bloodstream till their love screams for you, surprisingly you’ll only go deaf from the silence they leave in you. We want wireless communication but never hold the line for them, we hang up and talk to people who don’t even value the smile on them — that you designed on them. Unappreciated art goes a long way, they change lanes so quick then try to drive back but you kindly point them towards the wrong way. You’re tired of people parking in your heart without providing valid thoughts, they come and accelerate through your mind so quick not realizing your engines stopped. You’re left in shock; all those magnetic attractions we create

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