How Can Anyone Ever Changed On You?

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Amina Abdulkadir
Ms. Gittings
English 4A
4 November 2015
4 page creative writing
Has anyone ever changed on you? Imagine our bonds as chemical reactions created from similar atoms, not knowing their electrons are attracted to your similar manners, surpassing all your unimaginative standards. I mean some people will make you laugh like comedy and not even do stand-ups, but the funniest is when they leave you on that same stage while they resign as actors. Either way the blame 's on you, your priceless love got you wondering why people change on you. It’s like your mind and soul are auctioned but instead of getting offers..of love; no one’s willing to bail you out of this unacknowledged dump. It’s like picking out a suspicious face from
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You’re not the only one who’s been told you’re the only one. I mean you’re only one heart who can’t help but love hard. I know you’re busy erasing the memories that have passed, but your board is visible to visitors, someone just wrote “i promise you that we will last”but wait.. where are they? They’re the ones you’re still erasing from your past.

Will you change?

Your mind doesn’t work like theirs. Your heart hasn’t been hurt like theirs. I know you’ve been this way for years but.. will you change? Will you change for yourself or will you change for love? Will you change for money or has that already changed you enough? I mean here’s a thought; we get scared when change falls out of our pockets, just like people changing up on you when they don’t feel acknowledged. I mean the worst change is when your own love’s changed, the person who you wish stayed is the person who will make you wait. Waiting for them to come back to their old self, you’ll be waiting so long, you’ll forget your own self. Try to remember who you were before you met the person that you loved.. or still do. I don’t know if you changed your mind but they remained in yours. Maybe they only invested in your heart to leave you in debt later on. I know it’s crazy to think like that, but don’t your eyes change when they blink right back? You change the way you see them, when you’re running after them or trying to leave them. I guess lies have become the new honesty
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