How Can Average Nurses Be Involved? The Political Process? Essay

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How can average nurses be involved in the political process?
An average nurse can be involved in the political process by being an advocate for the patient through close involvement with the legislator and policymaker. The nurse can advocate on issues in which will result in an improvement of the outcome of the patient’s health. For example, the nurse can speak with the legislator concerning issues with having increased responsibilities with patient care and dealing with nursing shortage. The nursing shortage also brings a concern to the nurse with the new health care reform. The health care reform requires an individual to have insurance or they will have to pay a penalty fee. Most people would rather have insurance versus having to pay for the penalty fee. There may be some individuals in which who did not have insurance and they would put off their current health issues because of the lack of insurance. Now the individual has purchased health insurance as required by the new health care reform and there may be an increase number of people seeking health care treatment at the hospital. The number of patient’s seeking health care treatment increases, but there still remains an issue with staffing shortage. This is also an issue the nurse can present to their legislator or policymaker. “When nurses transition out of their comfort zone of patient care and into the arena of legislative advocacy, they can achieve a better health care system for themselves and their…
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