How Can Bigger Industries Help Improve The Local Economic Climate?

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The lack of job growth can have a tremendous effect on any city. The problem with the city of El Paso is that they aren 't confident enough to believe that the city can handle big industries such as high- tech companies. The city is bringing in more and more retail jobs each year, along with call centers and other service sectors. El Paso has talent and that talent is leaving due to the lack of economic growth. They follow bigger industries in other cities and leave the borderland behind. College graduates in El Paso are unemployed for a long period of time, and decide to look for better opportunities in other successful cities. A few questions we need to ask ourselves are: How can bigger industries help improve the local economic climate,…show more content…
Introduction Subject/Purpose: In this report I will be discussing the main reason why young, working- age people are choosing to leave the city of El Paso and what needs to be done in order to keep them here. One local problem that seems to be affecting the population of El Paso, TX is the lack of job growth. The city is known to be creating low- wage jobs which include call centers, and service sectors. El Paso is not creating any high- tech jobs, in which a lot of people get degrees in. According to an article, “El Paso ranks as the number one city that Americans ditch" (Hope, 2015). Texas is a very popular state where many Americans choose to live, but they are also choosing to leave the city of El Paso more than any other city in America. Experts think that the mass departure of people is because of El Paso’s slow job market. Better opportunities in other cities are pushing people out of the borderland. This report will go into detail about the following questions: How can bigger industries help improve the local economic climate, and what are the benefits? What can we do to attract high- tech companies into our city? Background/ Main points: High- tech jobs are one of the fastest growing industries, it directly creates millions of jobs. Giving the young- working people in our city a reason to stay and advance their career. There are many benefits that come with
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