How Can Bim Technology Assist in Optimising the Life Cycle Cost of a Building?

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Paper for the 16th Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Conference Wellington, New Zealand 24-27 January 2010. How can BIM Technology assist in optimising the Life Cycle Cost of a Building? By Francis Pf Lai, Dulani Halvitigala, John Boon, Roger Birchmore Department of Construction, Unitec New Zealand Abstract The complexity of a modern construction project, especially in a fast track environment, necessities the use of Building Information Management (BIM) system to manage such a project to provide the necessary probable cost outcomes of alternative designs ahead of the actual construction times. The visualization of such alternative designs through ‘prototyping’ design solutions has the definite advantage of identifying…show more content…
The full Ecotect analysis is then applied to the design to capture the effects to the building over time by simulated visualized outcomes in the form of 2D drawings representing the differing time spans of the life of the building. The benefits of using BIM in modern construction project management have been well recognized. Eastman et al (2008)[7], for instance, have described the use of BIM for developing models that enable computational based analysis and simulation to be undertaken. Soubra (2008)[8] has discussed the ability of BIM to model “comforts” including thermal, visual, acoustic and air quality. Vaizidou (2007)[9] has highlighted the benefit of BIM’s modelling technique in using the x-y-z axes for representations of time line: project tasks: design outputs in projects. The concept of the x-y-z axes, which will be discussed to a fuller detail later in this paper, is of particular relevance as it illustrates the simple idea of representation of the outcomes from Ecotect applications. The use of BIM techniques has therefore achieved widespread commercial use in building designs. “The Contractors’ Guide to BIM” published by The American General Contractors Association[10] identifies BIM as a tool that enables the construction industry to: “more efficiently operate in new and increasingly expeditious ways. Initially, BIM and 3D models have primarily helped eliminate design conflicts with far

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