How Can Buyers With Checkered Pasts Best Take Advantage Of The Current Desirable Real Estate Market Conditions?

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How Can Buyers With Checkered Pasts Best Take Advantage of The Current Desirable Real Estate Market Conditions? By Amber Stahmer, Western Michigan University –Student ID ktp3097 Thereal estate market is currently more than adequately stocked with reasonably priced, available properties in all types of conditions, that when sold will help our economy grow. In fact, on a recent MSHDA webinar, it was stated that another few thousand homes that have been held in order to keep the market from flooding,are being released for sale by the New Year. This means that there will be even more homes available for potential homeowners to purchase. The challenge to getting these sold is to turn potential buyers into actual buyers; possibly by matching…show more content…
There are many options that buyers with or without checkered pasts can pursue to take advantage of the current desirable market conditions. One way a tentative buyer might put “one foot in the water” towards homeownership again, is to get educated on exactly what options are available. Many people have difficultytrusting banks after they have been foreclosed on, and appreciate knowing there are other places to turn for advice and information. It doesn’t matter where a person lives in our country, by simply dialing 211, the National hotline, a person can be directed to the nearest homebuying class, and receive information about other services in their area that might help them with area assistance regarding food, employment, health care, counseling, and down-payment assistance, which all are contributors towards staying within a budget and ultimately affording a home. There has been tremendous effort in recent years on the part of our government to fund non-profits and other organizations who commit to providing education, budgeting courses, and home-buying classes, along with one-on-one counseling by certified counselors, as they move towards helping people reach their goal of home-ownership. Some of these organizations also have income based housing available for rent while the potential purchaser is
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