How Can Child Abuse Be Stopped

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There are many types of ways that children get abused. Some are physically abused, others are sexual abused and the rest are emtionally abused. No matter what way that it is, it's not right and should be stopped and spoken about. Many children who don’t speak out about it is because they are either terrified or don’t feel safe when the topic is brought up. That is why it's up to others to speak out to people who are going through this so that they can see that they aren't alone and that their type of abused can be stopped.
Child Abuse is a national problem that occurs everyday all around the world. National Council On Child Abuse and Family Violence stated that, “More than 2.5 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States annually
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I choose to research this problem because I wanted to learn of what goes through parents minds when abusing a child. Why do they do it and what do they get out of hurting their child? Not just that, but I wanted to learn more about how they can stop this. Coming from me, a teen, although I can’t relate to this topic because I have never been through something like this, I want to learn more from it because people hide many things and I was thinking, what if their is someone in my class who gets abused, but they are just hiding it from others. I want to be able to lend a hand to others who are too afraid to say anything, I want them to know that they aren’t alone and that their is help out there. Acoording to Healthy they stated that, “Most child abuse occurs within the family. Risk factors include parental depression or other mental health issues, a parental history of childhood abuse, and domestic violence.” Which means that the reason why children get abused by their parents or legal guardian is because they had also went through that and they believe that it's the only solution. This topic has caught my attention ever since I heard about this such thing. When learning about this, what made me so interested was the fact that people who are going through this can…show more content…
The only reason why it is still occurring is because it takes a long period to heal from such a thing like this, for example on Reachout.Com it said that, “Recovering from abuse can be a long process.” Although there is support groups that many people can go to in order to heal it is also better for parents, friends and others to stand together to make them feel safe and not alone, but I will admit it is difficult for others to help because they might not know what the person has been through, they haven’t experienced it. That is why it's better if they find others who have gone through something like this to make the healing process much easier. According to WebMD another way to treat this is to “provide a safe environment to prevent further harm. The sooner this happens, the better the child's chance for physical and emotional recovery. This includes separating the child, as well as any other children in the household, from the person suspected of abuse.” Another good suggestion that I have for people who have or are going through this is to get a puppy, it is shown on Eating Disorder Hope that most parents take their child to Pet Therapy. Which is a good idea because puppies are joy of life and bring that light to someone’s life even when it may not seem like it because when puppies are small they are innocence and are barely exploring the world. By getting a puppy can help children to see that their
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